VICTORYthon Programmers’ Event is a four-day, LIVE TV event hosted by Jesse Duplantis, featuring more than 20 of the ministers presented on VICTORY Channel™, along with other special guests and live musical performances.

The idea for this event came from Brother Jesse Duplantis when the Lord recently spoke to him while praying about how he could bless Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

Jesse says, “God told me to coordinate an effort to have every ministry featured on VICTORY Channel™, who all receive and benefit from free airtime, to come together for a live, four-day, televised special to encourage people to support the expansion of the network.”

So, VICTORYthon was born! We’re believing to expand VICTORY Channel™ all over the globe so more people can hear the life-changing message of faith in Jesus Christ.

We hope you will join us…It’s going to be an amazing time of victory and fun! 


September 29 - October 2

Sun. (9/29)

6 p.m. CT-10 p.m. CT

Mon. (9/30)

10 a.m. CT-2 p.m. CT
6 p.m. CT-10 p.m. CT

Tues. (10/1)

10 a.m. CT-2 p.m. CT
6 p.m. CT-10 p.m. CT

Wed. (10/2)

10 a.m. CT-2 p.m. CT
6 p.m. CT-10 p.m. CT

*This is a televised/online ONLY event.*


Creflo Dollar
Jerry Savelle
Bill Winston
Mark and Trina Hankins
Billye Brim
Kellie and Jerri
Kenneth Hagin
Jeremy and Sarah Pearsons
Mac Hammond
Terri Savelle Foy
Rick Renner
Denise Renner
Andrew Wommack
David and Nicole Crank
Gary Kessee
Drenda Keesee
Dean Sikes
Harry Jackson
Richard Roberts
Mylon and Christi LeFevre
Charles Capps
Keith Butler
Barb Redman